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Make American Apothecary of Kendall your home for essential oils.

Make American Apothecary of Kendall your home for essential oils.

About Us

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Welcome to your home for essential oils , herbal remedies and alternative medicine. We look forward to meeting you.

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Welcome to American Apothecary

Since 2003, American Apothecary of Kendall has been dedicated to alternative medicine. A family owned  business, we  use essential oils to aid in bettering  common ailments such as stress, headaches, muscle aches, etc, creating custom blends for each individual person. We believe that each person is unique and therefore a unique custom blend can be tailored to you. 

Just like we have different choices of foods, some of us like and don't like, each of us responds differently to distinct essential oils. That being said quality is of the utmost importance. We use only 100% pure top-grade essential oils. We do not dilute them like our competitors do in non-fragrant oils. If you have an essential oil that is oily to the touch, then you've been sold something other than pure essential oils. 

In this day and age, it is very easy to be mislead by large companies promising essential oils and selling you a blend of of essential oils diluted in carrier oils. Buyer beware, not all oils are the same.

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How It Began

Hello. My name is Nelly Munoz, and I am the founder of  American Apothecary of Kendall. I've been fascinated with alternative medicine since I was a child.My grandparents practiced holistic medicine. My grandfather practiced Reiki before we even knew that it had a proper name. He healed my grandmothers hands once when they were burnt badly. He healed her ovaries when she suffered from frequent pains. He also healed her hot flashes. 

My grandmother made teas and tinctures to help people with their various ailments. I remember how she carefully chose natural herbs and flowers to helps children and adults overcome stomach ailments and to help people focus on their studies. People always came back to thank her. I'll never forget the joy that gave my grandma and how proud I was that she was able to help people. 

Just as my grandparents did, I decided to follow in their footsteps and dedicate my life to helping others by the same means I witnessed to be so effective and non-invasive. Helping others with natural remedies is the most rewarding part of my life.

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American Apothecary of Kendall

12232 Southwest 132nd Court, Miami, Florida 33186, United States 305.598.2822

We will reopen our doors starting May 21st! Come by for some tea!

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