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American Apothecary of Kendall. Dial 305.598.2822. Let’s talk.


Experience the power of pure essential oils.

Straight from the finest distillery & superior to any other brand you find in the US markets.

Hand blended, custom bottled and lovingly poured drop by drop.

We invite and prefer you to call us, 305.598.2822, from 6:30-8:00 EST, for personalized custom orders.

Our online system is under construction, as ordering online is a divide to our service standards.

Though we realize in this day and age of click and go, most are satisfied, when it comes to essential oils, we prefer to discuss your specific needs. All of our oils are hand prepared just for you. No, it’s not your big brand prepackaging. It’s your custom blend, prepared purely, just for you. We prefer to answer questions and ensure you purchase what you need, not what is marketed as a solution. That, takes personal attention. That is what we believe in providing you.

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Relax. Enjoy nature’s treasures. Whatever your ailment, we are here to empower you with the most powerful and powerful, undiluted and fresh essential oils and herbs to rejuvenate, aid and empower you to handle whatever you face.

Nourish your bodies ability to grow, strengthen and greet life’s challenges naturally.

Cheers to you & your optimum health!